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Charlie Rossi 6/3/2013 to 7/22/2013


Charlie’s bright, playful spirit was so contagious that you couldn’t help but feel joy whenever you saw his happy face that seemed to almost have a smile. He was always so excited to come to doggy daycare and would literally pull to get to the store! His bff’s were Leo B., Nacho, Pepe and Gracie; he would play with them non-stop throughout the day. But although playful and a bundle of energy, Charlie was always sweet and obedient.

While Charlie was a medium sized dog, he really fancied himself something of a small lap dog and would always try to jump up and curl up on the laps of our staff. He also loved to give kisses to both his doggy friends as well as his human attendants.

Charlie will be greatly missed by his friends, family, and fans, and by the countless other people whose lives he touched. We’d like to say we hope you’re resting in peace but we know that’s not your style….so…  Charlie, we hope you’re playing and having fun wherever you are!!!!