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The Story of Kiki’s

As an only child growing up in Guyana, I often longed for sibling companionship and would always pester my parents  for a younger brother or sister.  Eventually, when I was fifteen years old, my mother finally conceded and I came home one day to find my new sibling – a sweet, loving, black and white daschund mix dog.  I named her Kiki.

From the time Kiki entered my life I was never the same again; Kiki and I were inseparable, we would go everywhere together, she slept in my bed with me (in the Caribbean that’s almost unheard of!!), and she even had her own spot at the dinner table right at my feet.  It wasn’t until I left Guyana to attend college in Florida that we were separated.  But, although separated geographically, our bond always remained strong. Whenever I would return home from college on vacation she would run in circles at the first sight, or smell, of me! Kiki led a wonderful life basking in the Caribbean sun – she loved to spend her days chasing birds.  She finally passed away at the age of fourteen (she was ninety eight in human years), a few days short of her fifteenth birthday.  Although gone, Kiki still lives on in the hearts of all those who loved her, and will always be remembered.

It was Kiki who helped me develop an unconditional love for animals, and which, in large part, led me to conceptualize Kiki’s Pet Spa & Boutique.

As I previously mentioned, I was born in and grew up in Guyana.  When I was seventeen, I left Guyana to attend Florida International University in Miami, FL.  My life prior to opening  Kiki’s involved attaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Georgetown University, as well as twelve years spent in a variety of corporate functions (including Associate Buyer for Federated Department Stores and Senior Maketing Manager for American Express’ Small Business Services division).  Through my education and experience I gained a solid understanding of the fundamentals of marketing and business management.

As with most people in corporate America, in my last years in corporate America I grew restless.  I wanted more independence and control but most of all I wanted to do something I was passionate about.  I was in Fort Greene at the time and noticed the huge pet population that was not being catered to.  I wrote a business plan, attended the New York School of Dog Grooming and shortly thereafter opened up the first Kiki’s Pet Spa & Boutique store.  It’s not as simple as I’ve made it seem but that’s exactly what  happened.  The rest, as they say, is history...we're now close to celebrating our 15th year being in business!

At Kiki’s Pet Spa & Boutique our goal is to offer all pet care needs under one roof, and to ensure that our customers are 100% delighted with our services. What excites us most about this business??... Seeing the dog who came in for grooming completely matted walking out of our spa shaking her tail because she knows she is now looking good! Seeing the once anti-social dog who was completely afraid of all dogs, people, noises, and even walking on the road, becoming so excited upon the sight of a leash, after having attended doggy daycare for only a few months.  And seeing Roger, a 7 lb shih tzu, who attacked almost every one of us at Kiki's, (but was stilling unbelievably loving) and who  we had believed would always be our “shop dog” because he was unadoptable, find a loving family…

We love this business! If we are falling short of our goals or if there is anything else we can do to better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact me at personally at