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My BFF Luther is an 11 year old pit-bull boxer mix with degenerative myelopathy. He's been unable to walk without assistance since July 2012. It was a struggle for me for months to find help with him - friends and family are only available so much! He's a handful to care for, too: he comes with blankets, toys, pee pads, special meals, wipes, a wheelchair. Luckily, he and I have our routine down. It's on those days when I have to work away from home that I find myself challenged as to how he will be cared for, as he simply can no longer be left alonge. (Separation anxiety is huge for him.)
I heard about Kiki's through one of my pet sitters. Luther's been going to Kiki's 1 - 2 times a week since January. My life - our life - went from 0 to 10 after his first day there. They gave me the courage to not be afraid of his wheelchair. They gave, and continue to give, Luther all the love that I do on his days with them. Whenever we arrive to the store, he's bright and alert and excited to get inside and see his friends Elsa, Erica, Kenneth and Christina. Often when I walk into the store at night to pick him up, he's chilled out on his blankies, sleeping. I usually get a report then about his day - what he did or didn't do, which dogs came and snuggled with him in his room, what treats he had. The staff is also very helpful with getting Luther and all of his things into and out of the car. I have looked through the entire facility in Williamsburg and oh, how I wish Luther were mobile and could romp and play with the other dogs! I know he'd have a blast.
It's hard for me to part from him - I suffer from separation anxiety, too!
Kiki's allows me, as the owner of a geriatric, handicapped pet, to relax with confidence when he's not with me, and to feel good about my stewardship of my dog's care through his twilight years.


   Today is the one year anniversary of when I first brought Quinn home and I thought it was perfect time to thank her new Kiki's family. You all take such good care of her and you help me provide a rich and joyful life for her. Quinn means the world to me and knowing that she's in good hands when I cant' be with her is priceless!


For the last 2.5 years Toby has been going to Kiki's Fort Greene almost from the day that I adopted him, it was my first choice when I got him 2.5 years ago and I've only good things to say. He stormed into Kiki's every morning eager to get in and enjoy his day of fun. He really loved it there and always came home exhausted and overall a happy acting and looking doggy. The staff is friendly and responsible, on the view occasions I asked a friend to pick up Toby they always verified with me that it is okay. On the days I got stuck in meetings later than planned I could call last minute and they brought him home. The pick up was super reliable and timely if I needed the service. Also boarding - the occasions I needed this for yet another business trip Toby didn't miss me at all but was just kept well at Kiki's, and Toby is very focused on his mum...
Another thing, I never once had a discrepancy with the invoices and charges, important for me as well, but again I've nothing to complain. And finally, they always looked out for the required vaccinations (reminders if I hadn't supplied a copy yet) and his health. Unfortunately I just moved to Astoria and Kiki's isn't there yet, so I've no alternative than to find an interim solution and hoping that they will open up near me very soon so Toby has his crew back! I just want to say thank you to Kiki's for all those years taking great care of my baby! He misses you already and as soon as he needs boarding he will be back!