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Our Staff


Working with animals  has always been my passion from young. I am blessed to be able to actually work in an environment that I actually love. I enjoy Working at Kikis not just for the animals but because of the staff, we all work together to provide a wonderful service to our customers.


I love my job, it utilizes my best natural skills.  The dogs are what make the job worthwhile. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself.


I love Kiki's - it has become my second home. I've met some incredible life long friends here and every dog at Kiki's holds a special place in my heart because of their unique personalities which makes my job even more enjoyable.


Hi, I'm Rosie! I've been working at Kiki's for about two years now and can't imagine working anywhere else. The best part of my day is being with my furry friends. But most of all I love all the free kisses!


Hello. I'm Midnight, the Cat in Residence at Kiki's DeKalb Avenue location. After being rescued by the staff at Kiki's, I live and sleep at the facility where I direct all nap related activities including sleeping in the store window, sleeping on the counter, and sleeping in the special bed given to me by some of our friendly neighbors (thank you, Ft. Greene!) Be sure to stop by and share a pet, a scratch, or a smile.     



Hey there I'm Arriany and Kiki's is definitely my dream job. I started here as an intern the beginning of 2012 and was given a premanent position at the end of my internship. I like it at Kiki's because it's fun interacting with with all the different dogs and getting to know all their personalities! 




My name is Christina and I love working here at Kiki's. It's not just a job for me but also sort of a hobby. I love, and would do anything to keep the dogs that come here happy. Putting a smile on their cute, little, furry faces keeps a smile on mine!



Hi I'm Danny. I started as intern at Kiki's the beginning of 2012 and was hired permanently when my internshi finished. Working at Kiki's is stress free and I learn something new about the dogs everyday.