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Leave your pet to stay with us while you’re away on vacation or business and the hardest part may be convincing your pet to return home with you! At Kiki’s we provide overnight boarding for both dogs and cats.

Dogs spending the night at Kiki’s will spend the day romping with the doggy daycare dogs during the day. Before bedtime they are walked and fed. At our Fort Greene facility they are “tucked” into their crates with plush bedding and then lights are turned off. Dogs on vacations at our Williamsburg facility may spend a portion of the night curled up next to a staff member watching movies and then go to sleep with our staff members.

Our Williamsburg facility also caters to boarding for kitties in our "kitty" room. All kitties have their own individual cages which are fitted with individual food and water bowls as well as their own litter pans. During the day they may spend time out in the room playing with toys and receiving lots of human attentions!

If your pooch is not as social or may prefer to stay in his own home while you're away, we also offer the option of at-home boarding where one of our employees would come and stay with him while you're away.



Dog Boarding

  • Dog-Boarding: $50/night (includes overnight supervision)
  • Cat Boarding: $40/night
  • At-home Boarding: $80/night
  • Sibling discount -- 10% off of entire boarding
  • Volume discounts:
  • 5 to 9 night 5% off boarding
  • Over 10 nights: 10% off boarding

For longer term stays please call us so we can customize a price plan to suit your needs.

Doggy Daycare Policies

  1. All pets must be pre-screened (interviewed) before being invited to use our boarding services.  Pets must be non-aggressive towards other pets and people. This will be determined through our interview process. During the interview process we will ask you several questions about your dog to better understand his/her personality. All dogs must also stay a mandatory 3 hours(or up to a full day) with us (without mom or dad) as a part of the process.  There is no charge for the interview or registration. Interviews are available by appointment only. 
  2. Cats do not need to be interviewed but they must be non-aggressive toward people.
  3. All pets must be at least four months old to board at Kiki’s. All male dogs over 6 months must be neutered. While we suggest that female dogs be spayed, it is not a requirement. However, female dogs may not participate in doggy daycare if they are in heat.
  4. Dogs must   be vaccinated against Rabies and DHPP within the past year, and Bordatella within the past six months. Cats must be vaccinated against Rabies and FVRCP within the past year.
  5. All pets must be healthy and free of communicable diseases (within the past 30days).
  6. All dogs must wear a flat collar with identification. We do not encourage harnesses and choke or pinch collars. Please also understand that collars may become damaged during play and we cannot be held responsible.
  7. Please bring enough food to last the duration of your pet’s stay with us. Please place dry food in Ziploc bags with your pet’s name indicated on the bag. Please print your pet’s name on canned food with a permanent marker. We request that you do not bring large bags of food or containers.
  8. Since personal pet belongings may get soiled or damaged we request that you do not bring any of your pet’s personal belongings. Rest assured we have lots of bedding, and our "in-house" community toys tend to reduce instances of toy aggression and protection.
  9. Boarding chek-out time is 10 a.m. Pets not picked up by this time will be subject to daycare rates. Surcharges of $5 per night apply during holiday periods.
  10. All pets must be picked up by closing time for doggy daycare. Pets picked up after closing will be subject to a late fee of $5 per every fifteen minutes.

How To Apply

Download our New Membership Application Form (pdf) and Legal Agreement (pdf)

Or download both as a single zip file: New Membership Application Form and Legal Agreement