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Dogwalking and cat-sitting

We offer both dog-walking as well as cat-sitting services. Our expert dog-walkers are carefully screened and trained before joining our team. So that your dog gets as much attention as possible, we walk all dogs individually (unless they are from the same household). Dogs are usually assigned a single dog-walker who will provide a free initial consultation.  

Since cats are very independent pets who prefer to stay in their own environment we recommend cat-sitting as another option if you’re going to be away. Our cat-sitter can come visit your pet once or twice a day – she'll play with kitty, as well as change food, water and litter.


  • Regular dog-walk $17/20 mins
  • Regular Cat-sit $15/visit

*Extra charges apply on holidays and during inclement weather.*

Dog-walking and cat-sitting policies

  1. All dog-walks and cat-sits must either be prepaid or credit card kept on file.
  2. All client keys must be dropped off in advance of visits. We cannot be held responsible for keys that do not work.
  3. Clients are responsible for ensuring that keys work.
  4. Clients will be held responsible for damage caused by pet to Kiki’s staff, property or other during dog-walk or cat-sit.
  5. All appointments not cancelled within 24 hours prior to your appointment will be charged the full dog-walk/cat-sit fee.

How To Apply

Download our New Membership Application Form (pdf) and Legal Agreement (pdf)

Or download both as a single zip file: New Membership Application Form and Legal Agreement