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Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare provides a great way for your dog to play, exercise and develop social integration skills. Your pet’s day will be filled with stimulating human and canine interaction in a safe, cageleess, clean, healthy, fun and nurturing environment.

Dogs are generally separated by size and temperament with groups always supervised by our knowledgable and caring personnel who constantly keep them entertained playing catch with them, giving them  hugs, and walking them two to three times during the day. It is not unusual that some small high energy dogs e.g. Boston Terriers and French Bull dogs may be placed with bigger dogs. This is because their energy level and play style is more compatible with larger breeds. Rest assured our staff members are on hand to ensure that size differential never becomes an issue.

We also have a mandatory “lights out” hour where we turn off the lights so that our dogs can sleep. This hour is essential in preventing over-exhaustion of dogs. 


  • Full day of daycare $30
  • Half day of daycare $18 (up to 5 hours)

Daycare Packages

  • Buy 10 Full Days for $250
  • Buy 20 Half Days for $260
  • Buy 20 Half Days with drop-off for $320 (within 4 block radius)
  • Buy 20 Full Days for $440 (free nail clip with purchase)
  • Buy 30 Full Days for $630 (free bath with purchase)
  • Buy 40 Full Days for $800 (free deluxe bath with purchase)


* packages are non-refundable and days expire if not used within 6 months

How To Apply

Download our New Membership Application Form (pdf) and Legal Agreement (pdf)

Or download both as a single zip file: New Membership Application Form and Legal Agreement